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Galaxy Attack: Revolution is the beginning of ABI Galaverse. It is built up from the base of our successful Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. There are multiple reasons for this choice. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has over 150 million downloads worldwide and more than 2 million active users.
Developed by one of the largest game studios worldwide
With more than 200 game titles over 10 years in the industry, ABI Game Studio has garnered over 2 billion global downloads, making the studio one of the largest game studios worldwide.
ABI Galaverse belongs to players
There are many games on the land of ABI Galaverse. Players completely control over the game, game modes, upgrades or NFTs trading.
& Features
PvP Mode
Pit your fleet against other pilots’ and win hefty prizes
Jump into the daily, limited-time, limited-player battle for instant rewards
Explore the cosmos and defeat the evil enemies
Earn even when you’re not playing
Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. celebrate all the holidays with us
Free to play
Play to earn
Play to earn
Upgrade, Battle, Finish missions, and Join other expanded methods to earn tokens.
NFT Farm
Send a team of NFT Ships to the galaxy space and earn daily rewards.
NFTs Collectibles
Signature equipment, upgraded ships from fabricating, and special items registered in-game from publisher.
NFTs Renting
Rent your spaceships to other players. Just like renting a house.
Galaxy Attack: Revolution is an arcade game based on blockchain technology. Inspired by the classic game "Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter" which has totalled over 150+ million downloads; combined with DeFi and NFTs, Galaxy Attack: Revolution is expected to create a truly unique and lasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY FOR FUN, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.
ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn. Unlike many other NFT Games, ABI platform is where NFT and Defi meet together. We focus on building the ecosystem that many Games can growth together
Galaxy Attack Revolution (GAR) is the first NFTs game in the ABI Galaverse ecosystem. GAR is inspired by Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter which was published by ABI Game Studio with more than 150+ mil global downloads and 2 mil daily active users
The blockchain is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
At the first stage, ABI Galaverse will have NFT assets of spaceships, upgrade materials and boxes
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With the simple gameplay combined with the legendary chicken shooting game gene, GAR is suitable for everyone to play.
You can play it on your web browser, iOS and Android devices.
ABI, GAR token smartcontracts have been evaluated and audited by Verichains
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